Boix Maquinaria Official Statement on the situation of the Covid-19

Boix Maquinaria Official Statement on the situation of the Covid-19

Dear customer,

As the cononavirus (Covid-19) continues to spread worlwide, we want to provide you with an update of the status of our business in relation to this situation.

Boix ha tomado algunas medidas preventivas internamente como respuesta al Coronavirus. Estamos siguiendo de cerca la situación, para minimizar los riesgos potenciales para nuestros clientes, proveedores y mantener el nivel de servicio en todos los países.

Our manufacturing center in Alicante (Spain) continues to operate and to date, delays in deliveries. The circumstances have changed due to some restrictions by the Spanish government, but we are still able to keep our production active and provide customer service in all countries regularly and remotely.

In order to secure the health and safety of our employees and customers, we have agreed to avoid travelling to affected countries specifically and to limit travel in general. We have protective measures in place and have limited access to our facilities for non-Boix employees. Further, we have implanted additional higiene protocols for our personnel.

The duration or consequences of the coronavirus outbreak can`t be predicted. To date, our capability to serve customers has not been impacted. To keep the capability to serve our customers especially with technical support on location, we will ask more details and support from our customers as usual. Furthermore, our tea mis instructed and obligated to follow our customers preventive measurements on location to minimize any risks.

We will continue to monitor the situation very closely and to evaluate further measures as the situation develops.

We hope to have informed you sufficiently in these current exceptional circumstances. Please don`t hesisate to contact Boix for any further information. Esperamos haberle informado lo suficiente en estas circunstancias excepcionales actuales. No dude en ponerse en contacto con Boix para obtener más información.

Best regards,

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