All-in favor for cardboard packaging, say aye

All-in favor for cardboard packaging, say aye

Paper-based packaging is preferred for being environmentally friendly according to the results of a new European survey. Consumers are becoming more conscious of their packaging choices.

According to this survey, conducted by an independent research company Toluna, 63% preferred corrugated board because it is environmentally friendly, 57% because it is easy to recycle and 72% because it is home compostable.

Since some provoking documentaries, such as David Attenborough’s Blue Planet 2, the consumer has become more aware of packaging material. However, only 30% of the consumers think the recycling rate of cardboard packaging is 60%, while this has a rate of 85% (!).

Not only are consumers willing to spend more on products with sustainable packaging, they even consider avoiding a retailer who is not doing enough to reduce their use of non-recyclable packaging.

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