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Boix Machinery has been designing, manufacturing and selling tray forming machines for forming and gluing cardboard packaging from more than 45 years. We have an installed base of more than 7.500 systems around the world on 6 continents.

We manufacture machines designed to meet the demands of corrugated board manufacturers and include in our range of tray formers, models which can be used to form and glue both corrugated and solid board packaging.

Our machines are divided into three ranges:Quality , Premium and Select “, . These ranges and products are based on types of boxes; production speed,
market sectors , etc.

We also have a range of accessories to optimize working with the machine and improve the productivity of our customers. Among those are: Automatic
Hot-Melt glue feeders, Pre-feeder of blanks, stackers and conveying systems that facilitate the exit and transport of the boxes once erected.

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Different formats of machines for , erecting and folding.


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Different solutions for multiple formats