Box Stackers, Belts and Preloaders



The fundamental goal of all our supplements is to facilitate and optimize the operator’s work and increase the performance of the machine.


Classified according to the service they offer:

• Providing raw material for the machine’s ongoing work.
• Helping remove the newly made boxes.
• Allowing the machines to finally connect with the line or chain.

All these factors contribute  to greatly improved efficiency

Box Stackers

box staker

In Boix Machinery we want to help you getting the most out of your machine, so we’ve designed a range of stackers that let you select the number and height of boxes to be stacked according to your production needs.



Our goal is that you can get the most out of your machine, which is why in Boix have designed several models of belts that will help you optimize your production.



We keep on improving machine productivity and performance, so we offer you products that allow greater autonomy, fewer stops and workload release to your workers.