Machines sorted by model

Boix Machinery classifies its machines in different ranges (tray forming machines, erecting machines and folding machines) depending on several factors such as their flexibility, production, box designs to be formed, delivery terms, etc …

Quality Range

Quality range includes all the machines which are able to mount the standard designs of boxes, such as: Plaform®, P-84®, Citrus box, C-1, Big Ear, Open Column, etc.


The Premium range incorporates models that work with more complex box structures, such as Closed Columns, Bliss, Punnets, etc., or need a higher speed of production.

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Evolution range is developed to meet the needs of the market of HSC and RSC boxes, also known as American boxes or B-1.

Select Range

Select range is reserved for new models or designs of machines and / or very special box designs.