Boix Services

At Boix we strongly believe that the sale does simply end when the machine is delivered to you. We feel a close bond with all our customers and an equally strong obligation to offer all the help they need to make their business as successful and profitable as possible.

Official technical service

Boix Machinery offers a qualified technical service close at hand.

We understand the importance of providing a quality service. We also understand the need to have fully qualified staff to achieve this aim, and that’s why we make sure that no one knows our products better than we do.


  • Fast response time.

  • The presence of a technician near to you.

  • We use original spare parts for all our repairs in order to maintain the highest quality standards.

Spare Parts Service:

We take pride in the fact that we manufacture our own original spares, and can confidentially guarantee with full assurance that our customers are getting the best quality-price ratio.

Another bonus we offer is a well-stocked spare parts store which delivers the parts to you  quickly and efficiently.

Technical service:

Preventive maintenance is a service in which a Boix qualified technician reviews the machine periodically, in order to check the key points and diagnose its condition in order to recommend possible actions.


  • It prolongs the working life of your machine and helps you to secure your investment.

  • It reduces your costs as a revision is cheaper than a full repair.

  • It keeps  production going at an efficient rate and avoids possible delays and work  time losses.

  • You benefit greatly from having access to original spare parts

Training Service:

In our attempt to provide the best for your business, we have developed a training programs for operators, technicians and maintenance staff


  • Better training avoids unnecessary losses and stoppages

  • Often small tips (?) avoid major damage

  • We offer different training levels: Basic, Advances, etc

  • Training can be carried out at your own facility. Alternatively Boix offers its own premises as a study base that can provide both theoretical and practical courses.

Rental service:

This service leases out Boix machines to customers who need to resolve temporary production increases or seasonal production requirements.

This service is only available in certain subsidiaries, please contact us for further information.


  • You don’t need to buy another machine

  • It solves your production needs.

  • You’re able to make an immediate response to business opportunities.

Box erecting Service

Our box erecting service includes the rental of the machine, plus all costs associated with the operation: the operator, maintenance, consumables, etc.

This service is currently only available at our subsidiary in Chile.


  • You don`t have to invest in equipment.

  • You can calculate the costs on the basis of the finished boxes.