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Offering services throughout Latin America

The history of the international expansion of Boix machinery began with our first subsidiary ” Boix Chile “.

Boix Chile was founded in 2007 with the objective of meeting the demands of the increasingly important South American market, as well as establishing and implementing a plan which aimed at sharing our experience of forming machines and tray erectors with all our customers.

We have extensive facilities in the city of Lampa (Santiago) from where we service the entire national territory.

Advantages of a subsidiary:

  • Offers the same services and guarantees as the factory.
  • Provides very quick response and delivery times
  • Offers personalized customer attention and direct customer-factory contact.
  • Has extensive product knowledge.
  • Is able to advise and provide the exact solution to your needs.
Boix Chile

In Boix we believe that only by being close we can provide the best service

Boix Chile

Boix Chile

We have a facility of 4,500 m2 in the city of Lampa from where we service the entire national territory.

  • Boix Chile offers the option that best suits your business.
  • As manufacturers we have original spare parts
  • Low maintenance and factory warranty.
  • Local service, reducing time and improving service quality.
  • Stock of machines both for sale, rent or box erecting service.
  • Service in the language and time zone

Warehouse and spare parts

In Boix Chile we offer our experience and knowledge and provide you with a parts service consistent with your needs.

We have an extensive warehouse with spare parts you may need for the maintenance and upkeep of your machine. From here we can deliver to you anywhere in the country quickly and efficiently.

Warehouse and spare parts
Technical service department

Technical service department

In addition to technical service you have several options to improve performance and productivity of your business.

  • Service training: in this course technicians learn their correct operation of the machines either on your premises or ours.
  • Service: a qualified Boix technician will periodically visit your machines to perform maintenance and conservation inspections that help avoid possible future breakdowns or similar problems.

Services we offer

Sale Machines

Sale Machines

In Boix Chile we have a large stock of machines able to meet your most demanding production requirements.

Our machines cover all aspects of the production of cardboard boxes sector, tray formers, erecting former machines… etc.

Sale of spare parts

Sale of spare parts

In Boix Chile we have a large spare parts warehouse, with an area of more than 500 m2. From here we can send you parts or spare parts as soon as they are needed.

As manufacturers we can guarantee the perfect functioning of all our parts and pieces.

Rental Machine

Rental Machine

Boix Chile has a stock of more than 90 machines for rent. All our machines are fully revised, updated and ready to start working.

This service is used to solve all those peak production or very specific needs problems that may arise at certain times.

Technical service

Technical service

In addition to using our technical service there are several ways you can improve performance and productivity of your business.
Service training: your technicians can learn the correct operation of the machines either on your premises or at ours.

Maintenance Service: A Boix service technician will periodically visit your machines to perform maintenance checks.
Nobody knows our machines better than we do.

Box erecting service

Box erecting service

Boix Chile offers a box erecting service, which includes machine rental hot-melt adhesive as well as the machine operator and technical supervision.

The box erecting service is fully inclusive, and we look after everything related to the production of the boxes. As a result, you can focus on the most important thing, your business..

Specialized services

Agriculture box erecting service 

Agriculture box erecting service

Boix Chile specializes in providing solutions to the agricultural sector, where our technicians and machines achieve greater efficiency and flexibility to work with multiple designs and box sizes.

The main sectors that require our services are:

  • Grape
  • Stone fruits (peach, avocado, cherry etc.)
  • Citrus (oranges, lemons, grapefruits, etc.)
  • Etc.

Salmon Box erecting service

Salmon Box erecting service

One of Chile’s most successful commercial activities is salmon production and it was essential for us to meet this lucrative market’s needs.

Boix Chile specializes in the salmon industry and our constant search for ways to offer advanced solutions to this sector has resulted in many developments working with the leading cardboard manufacturers in the country. These advances have enabled us to erect most of the boxes used for the salmon sector and trout.

  • We can erect different sizes of C-1 trays (boxes from 4kg. to 10 kg)
  • Our machines are adapted to optimize the time between time changes.
  • We provide a specialized technical service.

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