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Boix Europe was founded in 2010 with the aim of offering services to our customers with a more direct and close contact. The company has a broad product portfolio that allows you to service multiple and varied sectors, such as: food industry, agriculture and general industry.

Our personal approach, the high quality standards of our machines and the need for continuous improvement have helped make Boix Europe a leader in the European market when it comes to forming and gluing cardboard packaging, both of the corrugated and compact variety.

Advantages of being a Boix subsidiary:

  • Offers the same services and guarantees as the factory.
  • Provides very quick response and delivery times
  • Offers personalized customer attention and direct customer-factory contact.
  • Has extensive product knowledge.
  • Is able to advise and provide the exact solution to your needs.
Boix Europe

In Boix we believe that only by being close we can provide the best service

Boix Europe

Showroom Boix Europe

Boix Europe is in Eerbeek (Netherlands) which has spacious and modern facilities. It also has sales offices in Munich (Germany), Zagreb (Croatia) and Moscow (Russia) which cover the Central and Eastern European market.

Our efforts are focussed on providing a complete service. We advise you on the best alternative machine for your business, send it to wherever you may need it, and take care of commissioning and training technicians. We also offer you a first class technical support service to help resolve any setbacks you may experience.

  • Boix Europe offers the option that best suits your business.
  • As manufacturers we have original spare parts
  • Low maintenance and factory warranty.
  • Local service, reducing response time and improving service quality
  • Service in the language and time zone

Sales department

In Boix Europe we are supported by the experience and knowledge we’ve gained from more than 40 years of designing and manufacturing machines. Our aims are to find the solution that best suits your business and for to you enjoy as rewarding an experience as possible from this help.

We have a team of fully multidisciplinary sales and training staff who are able to provide the ideal production machine you may need on demand.

Boix Europe Sales department

Technical service

Technical service

In addition to our efficient technical service, we can offer several optional courses of action towards improving your business’s performance and productivity.

* Training service: professional technicians who have a complete knowledge of how all the machines operate will visit you at your facility or attend to you at ours.
* Maintenance service: A qualified Boix technician will periodically visit your machine to perform maintenance and conservation inspections that help avoid possible future breakdowns or similar problems.
* Parts service.
* Commissioning and logistics.

Services we offer

Sale Machines

Sale Machines

Boix Europe has a stock of machines covering the entire production process of packaging, including forming, seaming, cappers, bending machines, etc, as well as a wide range of fittings and accessories to help you improve the performance and productivity of your own machine.

We have a large showroom inside our facilities where you can learn everything you need to know about the operating processes of our machines.

Rental Machine

Rental Machine

Boix Europe has a large and varied fleet of machines for rent. All our machines are fully checked, updated and ready to start working.

We offer you the possibility to become the owner of the machine after the rental period or you can just continue renting, whichever you prefer.

This service is used to solve all those peak production or very specific need problems that may arise at certain times.

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Used Machines

Used Machines Boix

Boix Europe has a stock of used machines in perfect working order.

One of the main advantages of this service is that once we receive the machines they undergo a rigorous review process and tuning, so that we can ensure that the machine is delivered in perfect working condition.

Ask us what machines we have available.

Sale of spare parts

Sale of spare parts

In Boix Europe we have a such a wide range of parts in stock that repairs can be made without much delay. The stock is maintained by our automated system management workshop.

As manufacturers we can guarantee the perfect functioning of all our parts and pieces, and the availability of spare parts and components manufactured by us.

Along with the delivery of your Boix machine, so that you can easily order the part or parts you need.

Classroom training

Classroom training

Boix Europe has a full – service training covering both operator and technical levels.

Periodically we organize days of training for beginner traders. On these occasions its technicians can register and come to our facilities to learn the basic operation of a machine and its main features.

If you have any need for specific training or want to keep yourself informed of our training courses, do not hesitate to contact us and discuss the best option.

Technical service

Technical service

We have an experienced technical team that will help you in all those unforeseen and / or maintenance problems that may arise. All of our technicians are skilled and highly trained to a degree that helps them solve such setbacks or problems.

Though all machines have a high degree of reliability, they can sometimes develop a fault. Fortunately, the vast majority of problems can be resolved over the phone, so you can get restarted on the production process immediately. But if the problem cannot be settled by phone, one of our technicians will be able to visit you to resolve the issue at very short notice.

Specialized services

Transport and Installation

Transport and Installation

When Boix Europe organizes transportation, you can be sure it will be in good hands.

Boix cooperates with several transport companies experienced in transporting machines Boix.

Loading / unloading machine at the location can be performed by means of a spring or a forklift by staff of the final customer or contracting it with us in conjunction with the launch.

Boix Europe has service technicians across Europe. Each machine sold will be installed by one of our experienced technicians who will also be responsible for training their employees to operate the machine support user manual.

Maintenance service

Maintenance service

The preventive maintenance of our machines protects you against production delays and unnecessary loss of working time and ensures that systems are maintained in optimum condition.

We refer you to Boix machines which have been in continuous production for over 30 years, adding up to a grand total of 40 million boxes (see photo above).

This success is mainly based on the use of high quality machinery parts and periodic maintenance by experienced service technicians.

During a service call, the machines are thoroughly inspected by our technicians, as well as being lubricated and adjusted. Components that wear out and need replacement prior to customer approval are changed, leaving the machine ready once more to run smoothly.

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