Boix North America

Boix Machinery has been selling machines to the United States and Canada for over 20 years, and we have supplied over 400 machines across the entire continent.

Boix Machinery USA is committed to adding value to all of our North American customers. We try to access our services as efficiently as possible by being close to our customers and communicating with them in their own language and time zone.

Advantages of Boix subsidiary:

  • Offers the same services and guarantees as the factory.
  • Provides a very quick response and shorter delivery times
  • Offers personalized customer attention service and direct customer-factory contact.
  • Has extensive product knowledge
  • Is equipped with the professional expertise to advise and provide the exact solution to your needs.

In Boix we believe that only by being close we can provide the best service

Boix North America

We have a commercial office in Texas from which we serve the entire national territory.

  • Boix North America offers the option that best suits your business.
  • Like manufacturers we have spare parts and original spare parts.
  • Low maintenance and factory warranty.
  • Service in the country, reducing response time and improving service quality.
  • Service in your language.

Commercial team

Boix North America places all our experience and knowledge at your disposal so you can get the most out of your business.

For this we have an experienced sales team who can advise you of the machine that best suits your needs.

  • We have a broad product portfolio.
  • Our machines are aimed at different sectors.
  • Food industry.
  • Fruits and vegetables.
  • Industry.

Technical assistance

In addition to technical service you have several options that can help you to improve performance and productivity of your business.

  • Service training: Whenever a technician pays you a business call he has at his fingertips  all the different degrees of technical training that Boix’s  facilities have given him.
  • Service maintenance: A qualified Boix technician will periodically visit your machine to perform maintenance and conservation inspections that help avoid possible future breakdowns or similar problems.
    • Divided into 2 categories: preventive or revision.
    • Can choose different types of contract: annual maintenance, season, production, etc.

Services we offer

Sale Machines

Sale Machines

Having sold more than 400 machines we know your needs very well. That’s why we make machines that cover all aspects of cardboard box industry production: assemblers, seamers, cappers, folding machines, etc.

Boix North America has a presence in the country’s main trade fairs. There we can meet you and let you know  all the mechanical innovations and technological advances we have achieved over the years.

Sale of spare parts

Sale of spare parts

At North America Boix we know what it means to have those unforseen setbacks or frustrating breakdowns. That’s why we offer our service parts sales, which also include an express shipping service for basic or elementary stock.

As manufacturers we can guarantee that all our parts and pieces work perfectly.

Technical service

Technical service

We have an experienced technical team who will help you with any unforseen situations or maintenance problems that may need sorting out. Their highly skilled and well-trained technicians are fully equipped to solve any mechanical setbacks or breakdowns. They speak your language and will follow the schedule that suits you best.


Nobody knows our machines better than we do.

Integral service

Boix North America offers a comprehensive service that gives you multiple benefits

Model Machines

Different machine formats for Folding, Forming, Erecting…

By Application

Find the machine that fits in your box design

By Function

What will the machine do?

Folding, Forming, Erecting…

Do you need any more information?

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